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Bell Tents Advice Articles

This page is where we post all of our advice on using, maintaining and generally getting the best out of your bell tent by king tents. We have nearly 35 years of experience in the manufacturing and use materials such as canvas as well as many years experience in canvas marquees and the events industry.

Winter Bell Tent Camping

Camping in the winter may seem like an odd thing to do but it's actually very satisfying and much less cold than you might think!

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Top 10 Campsites 2019

A roundup of the best campsites for couples, families, ones off the beaten track and one farms for 2019 all over the UK.

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Original? Superior? Professional? Pro plus? What's the difference?

There are manuy different bell tents out there all ranging from different materials, weights and features. Below we explain the differences between KING TENTS bell tents.

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How to decorate your bell tent

There are many ways to give your bell tent a personal touch, you can decorate with many different textures and colours to brighten up your camping experience, coloured or floral cotton bunting, tea lights, fairy lighting, rustic rugs, matting...

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Outdoor Cooking

Cooking and camping go hand in hand. This article gives advice and tips on outdoor cooking

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How often should I Re-proof my Canvas Bell Tent?

Cotton canvas is naturally a waterproof material in the same way that traditional wooden boats are waterproof, similar to the planks cotton fibres swell and plug the holes to stop water going through...

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Canvas VS PVC Bell Tents

What's the difference between a Cotton Canvas and a PVC bell tent? Click the "read more" button to find out!

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Should I take my bell tent to a festival?

Festivals in the UK come in all shapes and sizes, each with it's own atmosphere and crowd. They can range from family-friendly, vintage style weekends such as wilderness festival to chaotic mud-baths such as reading and leeds; but which ones should you take your bell tent to and which should you avoid?

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What is Duracoretex Canvas?

The material we use in our bell tents is extremely important. Only the highest quality materials can be used...

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The history of bell tents:

Indigenous people from around the world have used canvas as a natural breathable material, with suitable properties for use in the elements...

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Staying in a bell tent long term.

For most of us bell tents are used for fun weekends or week long breaks. For others bell tents become a way of life...

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How to pitch your bell tent

It may seem straight forward erecting a bell tent but it's not always as easy as you might think.

All of our tents arrive with instructions packed as well as videos on how to erect your bell tent on our youtube channel here: KING TENTS YOUTUBE

However, we like to make sure you have every option available to help so here are our online written instructions: HOW TO PITCH YOUR BELL TENT

Remember if all else fails just give us a call on 01306 876767 and we'll talk you through anything you need to know.

How to look after your canvas bell tent

The canvas in a king tent gives it a unique atmosphere full of character and charm. It is also more durable and longer lasting than most alternatives. The downside is canvas takes a little more looking after...

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What size bell tent do I need?

Here at King Tents we stock many sizes of bell tent (plus other tents!) and sometimes it can be difficult to decide which size is right for you. Luckily we've written this handy guide to choosing the bell tent that suits you best!

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Bell tent buyer's guide:

A King Bell Tent makes for an eye-catching family tent, wedding tent, glamping tent or for large sites and scout/guides groups. This guide will help you decide on which tent you need for your application.

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