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Bell tent buyers guide

Check out our bell tent buying guide for which size/model may be suitable:

Bell Tent owners advice

Buying a bell tent for a family/glamping holiday?

A King Bell Tent makes for an eye-catching family tent, full of character and charm. Ultimately what theme you go for in your own tent is down to you but keep in mind transport space.

Wooden crates and boxes are very popular, they can be used as furniture on site but also to transport other equipment when it comes time to pack everything away. Use thick rugs sparingly as they don't compress down well, thin rugs or blankets work just as well.

Fairy lights, bunting and/or ivy all work well to decorate the interior of a tent and give it some extra character whilst packing down to very little.

Buying a bell tent for a specific event or wedding?:

Bell Tent Grounp Camping

Decorating several tents together can be difficult, are the tents going to all look the same, all look different or perhaps each tent looks different but has a similar theme running through each.

It is usually best to keep decoration simple and repeatable, decorating tents using the same cushions but in different colours for example is an easy way to create a similar theme but keeping each tent unique.

Buying a bell tent for a camping/glamping site?

If your King Bell Tent is staying up to be used by several different people then keep these things in mind:

Buying for the scout or guiding association?

Scouting and Guiding is close to our heart. The first tent C & D King Ltd made (in the 80's) was for the scouts, Hazel King is brown owl for the local Brownie group, Spencer King was heavily involved with scouts and the 3rd generation of Kings are going through their badges and camp-outs now.

Whatever you need for your scout or guiding group please contact us and we'll do our best to help however we can.