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The History Of Bell Tents:

How bell tents have come to be

Indigenous people from around the world have used canvas as a natural breathable material, with suitable properties for use in the elements. Canvas is durable and versatile. Today's modern canvas can be waterproof, mildew resistant, and flame retardant.

The History of bell tents

A version of the bell tent, the sibley tent was invented by Henry Hopkins Sibley, who had studied the Native American tipi during the expeditions he carried out in the American Old West. He patented his tent design in 1858.

The bell tent is characteristically differentiated from the sibley tent by its walls, raised larger entrance and guy ropes, without the extendable tripod or smoke hole, which were characteristics of the tipi.

Bell tents have become the classic type of accommodation used in modern luxury camping, or glamping, often kitted out with electricity hook-up, double beds, carpeting, refrigeration units and even coffee machines.

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Though some sources believe bell tents were used many centuries before this.

It is partly this historical background that give bell tents their charm and character. If you are interested in buying a bell tent or similar style camping tent then check out our products or phone our friendly staff who will happily advise on what tent you may require.