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Should I Take My Bell Tent to A Festival?

Bell Tent Festival Advice

Festivals in the UK come in all shapes and sizes, each with it's own atmosphere and crowd. They can range from family-friendly, vintage style weekends such as wilderness festival to chaotic mud-baths such as Reading and Leeds; but which ones should you take your bell tent to and which should you avoid?

The larger festivals: Reading, Glastonbury, Download, Isle of Wight etc should be avoided if you're looking to take your bell tent. Not only because you will struggle to find a space for it amoungst the crowded camp site but also because things can tend to get a little messy. At these festivals you will often hear of tents being broken into or damaged. An alternative to your beloved bell tent is probably best!

Wilderness festival - Oxfordshire

However, there are many festivals that welcome bell tent users and you are usually better off for taking one. Festivals such as Secret Garden Party, Wilderness, End of the Road or Latitude are great for bell tent campers as they are much more spacious, set in beautiful english countryside and usually have a lot less hooliganism!

The atmosphere of those above is also orientated more towards the bell tent camper, instead of mosh pits you will find more chilled out crowds, arty and crafty activities and even boating and fishing lakes. “quiet camping” or “family camping” are also available at the above as well as the ability to hire a trolly to easily get your bell tent to the perfect spot!