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Staying in a bell tent long term:

Bell tents can be home too!

Staying in a bell tent long term

For most of us bell tents are used for fun weekends or week long breaks. For others bell tents become a way of life by living in them semi-permanently. Below are a list of articles/websites from people describing out of season camping. Some of these may not use our tents but that's okay, we just want to help and inspire people to go outdoors (even out of season!).

1) Who needs a house anyway? Article here

A couple saving up for the deposit on a house elected to live in a bell tent for nearly a year. There are clearly ups and downs throughout but overall it was a positive experience with some interesting insights to permanently living in a bell tent.

2) Twenty tips for Winter Camping: Article here.

More generic that particularly focused on bell tents but some good and interesting stuff on camping out in the winter.

3) Winter Family Camping: Article here.

More good tips on how camping out of season can be made comfortable and fun

4) How to live in a heated tent: Article here. Bushcraft specialist Paul Kirtley talks about living in a heated tent.

More bushcraft discussion can be found on this forum: Article here.

Found any more useful articles on living in a bell tent long term? If so contact us and we'll share them on here.