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touareg tents for sale

We believe our touareg Tents are the best value touareg tents available in the market today:

The following table shows the available sizes in our Canvas range of touareg Tents. Size guides can vary greatly, this is due to the variety of ways a touareg tent can be used.

Use our interactive touareg tent planner to experiment with different layouts in the touareg tent or contact us with your requirements and we would be more than happy to put together some sample layouts for you.

Size of touareg Tent Glamper Camper Price
4.4m touareg Tent 2x adults + 1x teenager/2x kids 4x adults on mattresses or 8x adults on rollmats £525.00
5m touareg Tent 5x adults or 2x adults + 3x teenagers / 4x kids 6x adults or 10x kids £660.00