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What size bell tent do I need?

what bell tent do i need

There are 3 elements to deciding which King Tent is ideal for you:

What size bell tent should I choose?


4m Bell Tents at glamping site

If there's just two of you to fit in then you can go for a 3m King Bell Tent, it is however a bit cosy. A 4m King Bell Tent would be more spacious. If you're taking pets or may have the occasional extra sleeper then consider a 4.5m or 5m King Bell Tent. Alternative options are 4.4m or 5m King Touareg tents (both spacious for two), 4m King Tipi (cosy) or 5m King tipi (spacious).

Small family:

A 4m King Bell Tent would be cosy, a 4.5m King Bell tent would be a little more spacious but a 5m King Bell Tent is by far the most popular option for families. Consider also a 4.4m (cosy) or 5m (spacious) Toureg tent or a 6m King Tipi.

6m Emperor bell tents

Large families:

If you have a large family then a 4.5m King Bell Tent would be cosy, a 5m King Bell Tent would be more spacious. If you have pets or require additional space then consider a King Emporer Tent or going up to a 6m King Bell Tent.

Large groups:

For large groups camping together consider the 6m King Bell Tent or 7.5m King Bell Tent.

Which groundsheet option should I go for?

Removable (peg-in) groundsheet:

Sewn in groundsheet:

Zipped-in groundsheet:

Which style of tent is best for me?

Bell Tent? Touareg? Emporer? Tipi?

It does come down to personal taste and what you prefer the look of. Canvas tents naturally have a lot of character and each one looks slightly different. We try to put up as many photographs and videos as we can to help you decide.