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  Outdoor Cooking:

How to cook when out using your bell tent

Cooking and camping go hand in hand.

Outdoor Cooking when bell tent camping

Things to note when outdoor cooking:

  • Do not light your fire near dry grassy areas.
  • For open fires prepare the site with a circle of rocks or a pit dug into the ground. Preferably both.
  • Wet material causes smoke and burns poorly
  • Keep a bucket of water handy
  • Wind is great for fire but can cause it to go out of control.
  • Keep a mind of caution and respect.

Utensils you will often need when outdoor cooking:

  • BBQ tongs
  • Spatula
  • Knives, forks, spoons.
  • Plates & bowls

Camping stoves:

  • Propane or gas burner stoves are the most commonly used and are available from most camping supply shops.
  • Butane or backpack stoves are very lightweight and designed to be used on the go.
  • Kerosene stoves are more efficient and fuel is cheaper.

Charcoal cooking:

  • Can be used in BBQ grill or firepit.
  • Heats more evenly and consistently.
  • Easy to tell when to start cooking as the coals will become white/grey in daylight and glowing red at night.
  • To light use firelighters or crumpled paper and spread out across the coals evenly, use a long match or bbq lighter to ignite.

Wood fires:

  • Reflects true camp atmosphere warmth, romance, simplicity, gathering
  • Provides practical & versatile cooking opportunities
  • For successful cooking, when boiling use a quick flame, for stewing use a dutch oven (pot with pan lid). Example: low flame, for frying or broiling use a bed of glowing coals.

Foil Cooking:

  • Cook on bed of glowing coals
  • Use heavy duty aluminum foil
  • Foil should be large enough to wrap around food and fold all edges securely for a tight seal. Leave some space for expansion when you wrap your raw foods. You must keep steam and juices inside package.
  • On heavy duty foil, place meat, potatoes, vegetables, seasoning etc, add a cream soup on top, fold up foil and secure ends, place over coals, turn and rotate often until fully cooked.
  • Use your cooking creativity try various seasoning (garlic, onion, Italian seasoning, BBQ sauce, Worcester sauce, Italian dressing, Heinz 57 sauce, bouillon granules, Teriyaki sauce etc), try meat variations (hamburger, pork, chicken, turkey, stew meat, cubed steak, ham, fish, hotdogs seafood etc), try various vegetables, try small dough balls of biscuit mix for dumplings, try breakfast foods, try desserts

It is important to ask your camp site about their policy on fires & outdoor cooking as not all sites will allow you to do so.


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